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Surprising Zuleikha Robinson Quotes – Quotations of Zuleikha Robinson

Quotes & Sayings: Zuleikha Robinson Quotes – Today I am sharing with you guys amazing celebrity Zuleikha Robinson quotes and sayings. She is a British actress as well as a singer. She worked in the films named “The Merchant of Venice, Hidalgo, and The Namesake”. Robinson was born in London. She gained popularity on the “2001 Series The Lone Gunmen, which was part of The X-Files Franchise. Zuleikha Robinson later was a regular cast member on an ABC series Lost. She becomes more famous when she began starring in the ABC period drama Still Star-Crossed. Zuleikha Robinson said many surprising sentences which are very inspiring for all of us. That’s why we think we should share it with you. So get ready for Zuleikha Robinson Quotes and Sayings. Read these quotations carefully and send them to your friends also…!!!

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Brilliant Zuleikha Robinson Quotes and Sayings

1. “I like to frequent antique shops and flea markets like the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.“

2. “It took a lot of time to find my stride, and it was really humbling.“

3. “I did go through a phase where I played video games quite often, but I haven’t in a few years.“

4. “The only time a friend has ever helped me in the industry was how I got my first job – that was through Mike Figgs.“

5. “When I got the role in ‘Homeland,’ it really opened something up. Other people respected me more as an actor, doors were opened, and I understood for the first time that it wasn’t personal. All that rejection wasn’t personal.“

6. “I definitely like to play characters that don’t fit any kind of mold; that are slightly offbeat because it’s more fun to play.“

7. “I do like to play the darker characters; I don’t really know why.“

8. “I honestly never really watch the Emmys.“

9. “Only twice have I really had a hard time leaving a character. The first was my character in ‘Rome’ and then in ‘Homeland.’“

10. “’Lone Gunmen’ was my first job, and I got a little cocky, thinking I’m brilliant and don’t have to work that hard because it comes so naturally.“

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