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Happy New Year Songkran Water Festival 2018 – Thailand Water Festival

Happy New Year Thailand Songkran Water Festival – Songkran is very famous and cheerful festival in Thailand which is celebrated on 13th-15th April of every year. It is a Songkran water festival which is celebrated with full excitement. Having fun is a huge celebration in Thailand and Bangkok in the hottest month of the year. Yes, Songkran festival is celebrated in the hottest month April of the year with full enjoyment. Everyone throw water on each other and make fun on the road. It is called road water fight. Thailand people do this as they say by throwing water on someone can clean their last year sins. The aim of everyone is to clean the houses and the whole country and also the sins of people on this happy new year. The Happy New Year Songkran Water Festival lasts for 3 continuous days in Thailand.

Songkran festival brings love, peace, and unity among everyone including your friends, family members, relatives, and other. Tourists visit Thailand on these days and Thailand people welcome them and ask them to join the festival and enjoy. They also celebrate water fight and took some beautiful memory with them after returning to their country. Two cities which are the most famous for a visit by Tourists on these days are Bangkok and Pattaya.

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happy songkran day festival

What is the meaning of Songkran?

Songkran meaning is to celebrate the water festival of Thailand that tells the beginning of the new solar year and also the start of the summer as well. Although the festival is officially for 3 days but many people start this before and celebrate it for five days. Some people give break to their work and celebrate the festival for six days particularly in tourist places such as Chiang Mai and Phuket. Be ready to celebrate this day and put your personal things home, as children can douse you.!

Bangkok City Songkran Festival

The most beautiful city in Thailand is Bangkok where Songkran festival is also celebrated with full motivation. Bangkok city is famous for many things but most famous is Boat Floating Market. It opens on every weekend and people visit there with their boats and also exchange boats with others. On Songkran, People of Bangkok also celebrate road water fight to celebrate Happy New Year!

Phuket City Songkran Festival

In Phuket, road water fights are done with full enjoyment. If you visit Phuket city, you will find street parties and can enjoy water fights which starts from 13th April in Phuket Town. One of the biggest water fight zone is celebrated in Bangla Road at night in Phuket. The water guns are used there by every person. The best weapon for this enjoyable fight is small bowl which can be refilled from the near points of water.

happy new year songkran festival 2018

Some Important Tips for Songkran Water Festival

  1. Prepare to get WET WET and WET!
  2. Know that EVERYTHING will get WET!
  3. Get Armed!
  4. Don’t take things personally on this amazing Songkran festival
  5. Dress appropriately so that you will get dry soon!
  6. Invest in a waterproof bag so that you can protect the water sensitive devices.
  7. Bring a Water gun and bowl with you!
  8. Wash your face really frequently!
  9. Wear old Clothes.
  10. Don’t drink open water bottles!
  11. Say “Happy New Year” to everyone there!
  12. Goggles, goggles, goggles! Protect Eyes from Water Splashes.
  13. Be Patient!
  14. Visit local temples.
  15. Don’t pay for water. Find Free Refilling Points
  16. The biggest water gun wins. Find Big With Big Water Storage.
  17. Make friends with a local!

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So everything is cleared in this post about what is Songkran Festival and why it is celebrated. We have also given tips to you to celebrate Happy New Year Songkran Water Festival with full enjoyment. So try these tips and win the festival. I hope you love the post and will appreciate us. For more Special Events knowledge and wishes please visit 20Birthdaywishes. Thanks 🙂

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