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Happy Muharram Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, and Messages in English

Happy Muharram Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, and Messages in English – Muharram is one of the biggest festivals in Muslim Calendar. It is one of the four sacred festivals of the year. The day of Muharram is back and will be celebrated on 20th September 2018. It is a very special occasion for Muslims which will be celebrated on the remembrance of Hazrat Imam Hussain who is the grandson of Prophet Mohammed (SAWW). Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Gregorian calendar. As per the Muslims Calendar, Muharram is the first month of the new year. The first ten days of this month are called Ashura. Muslims from all over the world celebrate this day. On this special event, we have compiled the best collection of Happy Muharram Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, and Messages in English. Scroll down and choose from the collection and share them on social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Pinterest. Don’t forget to share Muharram wishes and quotes with your friends, family, and relatives.

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happy muharram quotes in english

Special Muharram Quotes and Wishes in English

1. “May Allah bless you on Muharram – the first month of the Islamic calendar and one of the four sacred months of the year!

2. “Celebrating Muharram means peace it is a festival which teaches us, how to make a complete country without using any army, riffles pistol etc.

3. “Blessed Muharram greetings 1430 to you. May the new year furnish you with deeper faith, increase commitment for amal ibadah and taqwa towards Allah’s may Allah’s continues to bless your family and you in all your efforts and good deeds. Happy Muharram!

4. “You Alone We Worship,& You Alone We Ask For Help, For Each And Everything. May Your Faith In Him Always Bring You Peace And Prosperity…Have A Blessed Muharram!

5. “May all the praises and thanks be to Allah. To whom belongs all that is in heavens & in the earth. Have a blessed Muharram!

6. “May peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be with you this year and always!

7. “May you observe Aze-E-Hussain and participate in mourning congregations, lamentations, matam to commemorate Imam Hussain ibn Ali, the grandson of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) killing at the Battle of Karabal! Have a blessed Muharram!

8. “A Small Person With Small Dreams, Have So, Much Believes In U My Allah. U Are For Me, I Am For U, There Is No Words, For My Love, Through Which I Can Explain What I Feel For U My Allah.

Muharram 2018 Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Whatsapp Status in English

9. “Once Again 23rd October Is Always Going To Remember As, The Birthday Of A Great Indian Festival Of India “Happy Muharram″.

10. “May All The Praises And Thanks Be To Allah. To Whom Belongs All That Is In Heavens & In The Earth. Have A Blessed Muharram!

11. “Let us believe in the messenger of Allah and follow the light which has been sent down with him. Happy Muharram.

12. “Thank Allah for all his blessings. May he bless you and wish you a happy and prosperous year ahead. Happy Muharram.

13. “All People Are Great Person. We Only Have To Look On Their Behavior Not On This That Who Are They Or From Where They Belong, So, This Muharram Remove Barriers & Celebrate Happy Muharram  Together.

14. “Today’S Sunset Was The Last Sunset Of This Islamic Year-&-I Pray That All Ur Worries Set Down With This Sunset-& New Beem Of New Year Spread Happiness In Ur Life. (Aameen) ‘Happy New Islamic Year’.

15. “Celebrating Muharram means Peace. It is a festival which teaches us how to make a complete country without using any army, riffles, pistols etc.

16. “Let Us Believe In The Messenger Of Allah And Follow The Light Which Has Been Sent Down With Him. Happy Muharram.

17. “I Know U Always With Me, I Know U Always Helped Me, I Know U Always Protect Me, I Know U Always Protect Me, Thanks For All All U Are Doing For Me.

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