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Top 20 Magical Bruno Mars Quotes That Will Make You Feel Awesome

Quotes & Sayings: Top 20 Inspiring Bruno Mars Quotes – Today we are going to share with you the most famous and talented Amercian singer-songwriter Bruno Mars Quotes. Bruno Mars is one of the world’s best and top-rated selling artists of all the time. He was born in a family of musicians which influence him a lot to become a singer. He self-trained himself because in his home many musical instruments were there. Today he is one of the hottest musicians in the world. He is the one who has land 5 number one hits in a row in a short time. As his songs and lyrics motivate people, Bruno Mars quotes and sayings also have great influence on everyone. So that’s why we have compiled some best Quotations from the Bruno Mars Quotes collection and presented here on 20Birthdaywishes. Read them and send them to your friends…!!!

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famous bruno mars quotes and sayings

Top 20 Inspiring Bruno Mars Quotes

1. “I don’t ever want to come out with something safe and get away with ‘It sounds good!’ It’s got to be more than sounding good.“

2. “To write a song you must have an imagination, to have an imagination you must be free.“

3. “If I changed for the masses so that I don’t have to answer this question, then I’m a puppet! Then this isn’t fun for me anymore.

4. “You know I’d never ask you to change. If perfect’s what you’re searching for, then just stay the same.“

5. “But swimming in your world is something spiritual. I’m born again every time you spend the night.“

6. “And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me, every day I will remind you.“

7. “Pretty girl, pretty girl, pretty girl, you should be smiling. A girl like you should never look so blue.“

8. “Oh, I would go through all this pain. Take a bullet straight through my brain. Yes, I would die for you, baby.“

9. “Treasure, that is what you are. Honey, you’re my golden star. You know you can make my wish come true. If you let me treasure you.“

10. “You know I, I’ll be waiting on the other side and you, all you gotta do is cross the line. I could wait a whole lifetime but you just gotta decide.“

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Famous Bruno Mars Quotes

11. “I know, I was with you last night but it feels like it’s been so long and everybody that’s around they know that I’m not myself when you’re gone.“

12. “Oh, how could I be so lucky. I must’ve done something right and I promise to love her for the rest of my life.“

13. “Music is not math. It’s science. You keep mixing the stuff up until it blows up on you, or it becomes this incredible potion.“

14. “I don’t try and be dark, but there are obviously darker emotions that I want to capture sometimes.“

15. “There’s always a bittersweet kind of thing, but I feel like everything had to work out the way it is. Everything that had to happen, happened.“

16. “I just know that I’m a fan of all different kinds of genres. You’re supposed to be free doing music, and that’s how I feel.“

17. “Everyone calls me Bruno; they don’t ever call me Peter – that was just my government name.“

18. “I just write songs that I strongly believe in and that are coming from inside. There are no tricks. It’s honesty with big melodies.“

19. “I wish I could tell you I and my rock band were traveling around, strung out. No, we were a family band. Straight Partridge Family.“

20. “Songwriters, you have to work – you have to wait for residuals. You have to pray that the song’s going to be a hit. And then a year later, you might get a check.“

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