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35 Romantic Happy Birthday Crush Wishes and Message

Happy Birthday! Is Today your Crush’s Birthday and you are looking for best and cute Wishes for your Crush. Then you are at right place we have an adorable collection of best and unique Happy Birthday Crush Wishes and Messages. We know your crush is the most important person in your life and you want to impress him or her. As it is your Crush’s Birthday then you have to do everything to feel him/her happy. Send him/her gifts, flowers and take them to the long drive with a romantic candle night dinner. Show him/her that he/she has important in your life and you can do anything for him/her. The crush may be a boy or a girl. Messages and greetings are the best way to express your love and care. You can even write a Whatsapp status for him/her or post a Cutest wish on him/her facebook wall. So pick on of these Happy Birthday Crush Wishes and message and send it to your crush.

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happy birthday crush wishes and messages

35 Happy Birthday Crush Wishes and Messages

1. “I’m holding on to that which is the truth, I love you beyond life, and I will never stop holding onto that fact. I wait for you to say yes. Happy Birthday, Crush.“

2. “You + me = Full Power“

Happy Bday to the girl of my dreams, You are the one who brings a good time in my life.“

3. “I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to tell you about my feelings, but it seems that time, Words are not sufficient to express the things of the heart. Happy Birthday, crush. I love you.“

4. “The bond we proportion transcends time and space. You are my first-rate buddy for existence, birthday lady!!! “*Happy Birth Day Dear*“

5. “I am so lucky that I am blessed with a husband like you! I love you a lot, dear hubby! Happy birthday!“

6. “I promise to be someone who’ll be there for you when decisions are hard to make, I’ll stand by you and help you out always. I’m a man of my word. Happy Birthday my girl crush.“

7. “I have a mystery. It’s a major mystery. Alright, it’s somewhat a mystery. Be that as it may, it’s as yet a mystery! Happy Birthday. This goes to you, my most loved Smash.“

8. “In your special day, I wish to be special for you too. Happy Birthday.”

9. “You’re a gold mine of joy for me and a treasure which is invaluable. With you by my side, we’ll both cross the finish line of life in a strong way. Happy Birthday cute crush.“

10. “Happy Birthday to my sweet and chubby boyfriend. Who always care for me and always stays next to me. You make my world complete. Happy Birthday to you!!!!“

11. “If prosperity is your desire, I can assure you of lots of it, my only request is for you to join me on this life journey, it’s a journey you won’t regret. Happy Birthday, crush.“

12. “I am sending you all the love within the international in your birthday. “*Happy Birth Day Dear*”

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35 Happy Birthday Crush Wishes

13. “Here’s wishing a Happy Birthday to the most charming, funny, attractive and rocking personality in town. Have a great day.“

14. “Sending you uncommon kisses and embraces on your extraordinary day.“

15. “I wonder when will be the perfect time to say this, and it turns out today! Please accept my wishes and my heart too.“

16. “I hope the love I have for you will not crush me because it’s so much and not controllable. It’ll delight me to just get to spend few minutes with you. Happy Birthday, crush.“

17. “Every birthday should be celebrated with a blast. I am looking forward to celebrating the birthday with full of enjoyment and memories. Happy Birthday, Dear!”

18. “I promise to be someone who’ll be there for you when decisions are hard to make, I’ll stand by you and help you out always. I’m a man of my word. Happy Birthday my girl crush.“

19. “You’re living your dream, and I am right here to encourage you. “*Happy Birth Day Dear*”

20. “You were born this day, And I pray, That you have a memorable day, Hey! Happy Birthday!“

21. “Crushes are charming as are you. It’s just far better since I have one on you. Happy Birthday to a pulverize times two.”

22. “This birthday I may be no one to you, but for the next birthday and the rest, I want to be the no.1 girl in your heart. Happy birthday.“

23. “The only reason why I would want my status to change from being single to getting engaged is if I’m able to be with you. Happy Birthday, crush. I won’t give up on you.“

24. “My only wish on your birthday is that you get all the things you want in your life.“

25. “Waiting is not a problem to me, if it pleases you, I can wait till forever. As long as there’ll be a day that you’ll tell of your love for me. Happy Birthday, sweetie.“

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35 Happy Birthday Crush Wishes

26. “Happy birthday to my golden female. It is your global, and I’m right here to constantly assist you.“

27. “What can I say? You are my favorite girl. Why? You are just so cute and I love seeing you blush. Happy Birthday, girl.“

28. “You are something really fantastic. I am happy that I revealed to you that you were my pulverize. Happy Birthday!“

29. “If it’s not this birthday, it doesn’t matter how many birthday left for me to wait. As long as the day you’ll be mine will come.”

30. “I wish an awesome girl like you won’t be so far away from me. You keep running through my thoughts. Happy Birthday. Enjoy your special day.“

31. “Sending you special kisses and hugs on your special day.“

32. “My Heart is golden and a person like you deserve a partner with a golden heart. I will never betray you if you give me a chance to be yours. Happy Birthday forever crush.“

33. “This day comes only once in a year, Enjoy it. It’s your birthday my dear. Make the most of it. Happy Birthday!“

34. “Happy Birthday to my pulverize. You are one of my most loved young ladies around. I trust you have an amazing birthday loaded with fun and chuckling.“

35. “I was dreaming last night you receive the best birthday gift ever. Let me be it. Happy birthday.”

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So these are the 35 Romantic Happy Birthday Crush Wishes to impress your crush and make your crush happy. Read them all and send them to your crush on him/her birthday and tell him how special he/she is for you and how much you love your crush. If you want more Birthday Wishes for other loved ones then please visit 20BirthdayWishes. Thanks 🙂

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