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Top 25 April Fool’s Day Messages, Greetings and Wishes

Be Ready!! April Fool’s day is coming filled with lots of surprises, pranks and funny messages. It’s April trick’s day! Get your April fools day tricks and April fools day jokes prepared because the day of the trick is here! 31st March or 1st April Fool’s Day is the day of making friends fool. For your help, we have a collection of Top Best 25 April Fool’s Day Messages and Wishes for Friends. Do jokes and pranks with your friends, best friends, GF, BF or family members on this day. Make them laugh and laugh on them after you do pranks on them. That’s why we are here to give you tricks and tips to make your day more special. Choose one or more of the messages and Jokes from below collection and send them to your friends. If you want to do Insane April Fool’s Pranks then click below link.

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top 25 april fools day messages

Top 25 April Fool’s Day Messages and Wishes

1. “Congratulation today is your day!On the 1st of April Keep Calm and troll.A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees.“

2. “Happy April Fool Day! From One Fool To Another.“

3. “Fool a wonderful friend like you on April Fool Day? NEVER! Press F13 on your keyboard if you’re agree with me, my friend.“

4. “Human Evolution Is A Great Thing But Sadly We Still Have Fools Around. Happy April Fool’s Day!“

5. “Just close your eyes and think of yourself for 10 seconds.Open your eyes. Now you will realize that you have wasted 10 seconds thinking of a fool.“

6. “Today I Have Not Sent Sms To Anybody Except U.today I Have Not Thought About Anybody Except U.because My Policy Is, “one Day, One Fool.“

7. “Thank you for reading this message. Congratulations! 10 $ will be credited to the sender’s account! Have a great April 1 day!“

8. “Dear Friend, I am surprised at your wit, your intellect, your wisdom and your knowledge. But more importantly, I am surprised at my false praise of you! Happy All Fools’ day!“

9. “There are a lot of languages on our planet, but a laugh is the language that doesn’t need any translation and can be understood by everyone. Happy April Fool’s day!“

10. “Kindly open this message on the 1st of next month. I know you can’t wait so accept my contract for being the first fool of this year. Happy All Fools’ Day!“

11. “Lions rule the woods, eagles rule sky. You to have got a bright future ahead as fools rule states Happy April Fools Day!“

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12. “I was told that today is the best day to propose for a marriage. If she said yes, lucky you. If she doesn’t just say, “Happy April Fool’s Day!“

13. “April Fool’s day is famous for its pranks and sick jokes. But I want you to remember this day for the joy and laugh it will bring you. Happy April Fool’s day!“

14. “Hey dad, I’m 25 now, so I guess now is a good time to tell you that I used to sneak out of the house in high school. I mean … April Fool! *nervous laugh“

15. “If you look outside your window, you will notice that your car is no longer in the driveway. Don’t worry, I only sold it to some guy on the Internet. Before you freak out … April Fools!“

16. “Hey, bestie! Listen, we can no longer be best friends. I am not best friends with my cat instead. lol just kidding of course. Happy April Fools Day!“

Top 25 April Fool’s Day Messages and Jokes

17. “A day will come when the world will celebrate your name, your fame and your views. But April Fool comes once in a year and that your day.“

18. “WARNING !!! This is a VIRUS. Wen U-turn your phone off, it Won’t Work Again…April fool day means making fool to all as well as own self. Happy April Fool Day!!!“

19. “Mix a little foolishness with your prudence: It’s good to be silly at the right moment.“

20. “Any your April fool’s Day prank won’t be so bad than that’ve already happened to me this year.“

21. “You should know that on April fool’s Day my natural mistrust of others will go up to a level nearly the psychosis.“

22. “I noticed your unhealthy lifestyle what makes cardiac arrest a possible outcome from an April fool’s joke”“

23. “It’s interesting if changing your Facebook relationship status as an April fool’s joke would be the end of your relationship.“

24. “Unemployment gives me plenty of time to make some cunning April fool’s pranks on the people who made me unemployed.“

25. “It’s not my fault I haven’t wished you happy birthday. I wasn’t sure that Facebook was not making an April fool’s joke on me.“


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So these are the Top Best 25 April Fool’s Day Messages, Wishes, and Greetings which you must send to your friends on this April fool’s day. I hope these messages will make you laugh and you will definitely love these. For more amazing wishes please visit 20birthdaywishes. Thanks 🙂

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