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11 Insane April Fools’ Day Pranks That You Must Try on your Friends

So finally, April Fool’s Day (April 1st) is coming fast and you should prepare yourself to do the April Fool’s Pranks with your friends, best friends, GF or BF, and also with family members. In this post, we have arranged some insane and hilarious April fool’s Pranks that you must try at least once on every friend. We have arranged these funny April fool’s pranks not to destroy someone’s property or hurt their feelings. These pranks are only for pranks not for any kind of revenge. So do one or more pranks on your friends and family members on this April Fool’s Prank Day. If you have any new funny prank idea then please share it with us in the comment section below.

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11 Insane April Fools’ Day Pranks That You Will Love to Try

1. Jell-O Juice Prank: Anyone want juice? That’s it just do juice prank with your family members. Bring one pack of Jell-O and make jelly in the glass and add one straw, so that it looks like juice. That’s it put the glass in the refrigerator and wait for your family member to come and try to drink the juice.

April Fool's Juice prank

2. Caramel Onion Prank: The second one is hilarious April Fools day prank. Try caramel onions. Take some onions and apple and dip both in chocolate so that both look same. Take ice cream stick and put it in the middle of the onion and apple as seen below in the picture. This is the hilarious prank ever.

April Fools onion prank

3. Frozen Mobile Screen Prank: Give your friends a frozen screen mobile phone. When they try to tap nothing will happen and they get irritation from this. Try this one because this is the funniest one.

April fools frozen phone screen prank

4. Mouse prank: Take one small paper piece plus tape and block the sensor of their mouse. This prank will make them angry on the mouse.

April fools mouse prank

5. Chair Airhorn Prank: Attach an Airhorn to the seat and wait for your friend or office colleague to come and seat on that chair. This makes everyone laugh louder after the prank.

April fools chair airhorn prank

6. Insect Lamp Prank: Try Paper Insect prank on your sister or Girlfriend. Take a paper and make Insect on it and paint it. Cut the paper and attach it inside the lamp with tape and wait for the scene to happen. This is screaming prank for your sister, daughter, or girlfriend.

April fools insect prank

7. Air freshener Prank: Do this and make your friends and family members angry. Replace the Air freshener with Shrimp Scent. Cover the Shrimp scent with the cover of air freshener and put it near your friends or family member.

April fools shirmp scent prank

8. Room Surface with Not Alone Blood Prank: So this one is more horror prank as this looks like blood on the floor. Go to your sibling’s room when they are out of the house. Take red paint and write on the floor “Not Alone“. Try to make it look like real blood writing by some ghost.

April fools blood prank

9. Set Autocorrect on Mobile: On your girlfriend’s mobile and go to Settings> General> Keyboard> Add New Shortcut. Change “yes” to “get out” and ask her from your mobile that she loves you or not? When she types yes it autocorrects it to “get out”.

april fools autocorrect prank

10. Three typing dots Prank: Download the GIF of three typing dots and send it to your friend in the middle of the text conversation. It will look like you are typing and it will never end.

April fools three dots prank

11. Contact Name Prank: The last prank of this article is contact name prank. Try this on your friend’s phone. On your friend’s contact list, find your number and change its name to someone else. Now text your friend with something hilarious to make them scary.

April fools contact name prank

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So these are the Top 11 Best April Fool’s Prank which will make you laugh and your friends angry. I recommend trying all of this one by one of all of your friends. If you have any funny Prank idea, then don’t be shy and share it with us in the comments below. I hope you will like these April Fools’ Day Prank by us and will appreciate. Thanks 🙂

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